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Stop Feeding Your Dog Beneful by Purina

By now, I am sure most of you have heard about the class action suit filed against Purina for it's dog food Beneful. Over 3000 plaintiffs have come forward stating the food has either killed their dog or made him or her very ill.

Although there is no proof as yet, and it has not been pulled from the shelves, I urge you  to stop feeding it to your dog immediately. There are so many other healthy choices.

I am sure we will learn more when this is investigated but it is just not worth giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Cat Video Games

As a pet sitter and cat parent I am always looking for new things to engage the kitties I look after. Recently, I came across  a few cat video  apps that you can download on your tablet or computer. These apps  will amuse, entertain, and challenge your felines and it is so much fun to watch them get involved.

One of the favorites is a collection of games called "Catch Games". It gives the kitty an opportunity to try and catch bugs, fish, butterflies and mice that scurry across the screen with appropriate sound effects.

Rabies Booster Study may save hundreds of lives

This story was released from PHYS.org and I received it from my professional association PSI. It is very exciting.

"A new study by Kansas State University veterinary diagnosticians finds that pets with out-of-date rabies vaccinations are very unlikely to develop the fatal disease if given a rabies booster immediately after exposure to the virus."

What this means is that potentially hundreds of dogs lives can be saved. 

In the past, if a dog was exposed to the rabies virus and its rabies shot was found to be out-of-date, there were 2 options: The first was a 6 month quarantine at a potential cost to the owner of between $5000-$7000.

DNA Poop Testing Holds Negligent Dog Owners Responsible

We all know that cleaning up your dog's poop after he defecates is  the responsible thing to do. Unfortunately, many pet parents fail to do so.

 Today, in an article from PSI's Weekly News Brief written by Emily Mieure of WDRB.com,, I read how one apartment complex in Louisville Kentucky has figured out how to hold negligent dog owners responsible.

Here's how it works. All of the tenants who move into this particular complex who own dogs, must agree to a cheek swab of their dog for DNA testing.

Christmas Vacation Safety Reminders

  Christmas is just a few days away and many of you will be hitting the highways and skyways to visit with family and friends. For those of you driving with your dogs, here are a few safety reminders.
1) Please make sure your dog is secured in the car either in an appropriate harness , crate or car seat devise. 
2) Do NOT let them stick their heads out of the windows. There is danger of eye injuries as debris from the roadway can hit their faces.
3) Please stop along the way to give them a potty break and be sure they are leashed when you do so.
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