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Pet First Aid Awareness Month

 April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. If you have a dog or a cat, you need to take a course in Pet First Aid. You would be amazed at the many things that can happen to your "fur baby"  but if you know First Aid, it can possibly save their life. Things like choking, bee stings, heat stroke, a broken limb, a bite from another animal, etc. are all possibilities, especially as the weather improves and we spend more time outside with our pets.
Even indoor cats can run into problems such as choking, cat fights, a fall etc.


In the April issue of"Your Dog", the newsletter for caring dog owners, I found this great article on a quick way to find a boarding facility for your dog when you need to travel and can't take him along. It is complete with price, reviews etc. It is calledFurlocity.comand is the brainchild of Amber Kirsten-Smit and her husband Andy. It currently covers boarding and day care facilities in 19 states, but they plan  to cover all states before too long. They currently have listings in 49 cities including San Diego.

Watch Out for the Snakes

Rattlesnake season has started early here in San Diego and that means it is time to be extra vigilant when walking your dogs. If you are walking trails with deep grass and lots of rocks where snakes can hide, keep your dog on a leash and make sure you know where he is at all times. Dogs are curious and you don't want him putting his nose or paws in the hiding place of a rattler.
When hiking, be sure to have a first aid kit handy in a backpack and your cell phone with you in case your dog gets bitten.

San Diego Navy Woof Walk

Come one, come all to the San Diego Navy Woof Walk this Saturday, March 22nd at the Admiral Baker Picnic Area in Mission Valley. The address is 2400 Admiral Baker Road, 92124. Registration is from 8-9 am for the one mile walk. The event concludes at 12:00 noon.

Fun for everyone in the family with:
  • a one mile walk with your pooch
  • live music
  • a pet expo
  • doggie obstacle course
  • demonstrations
  • contests
  • food and beverages
  • and more.
Ricochet the "Surfice Dog" is the Grand Marshall. All dogs must be well-socialized and on a regular ( non-extendable) leash.

Leash Laws

In San Diego we have leash laws and if you are caught on a public street or park etc. with your dog off leash you can end up paying a hefty fine. Although it may appear that the purpose of the leash laws is to create additional revenue for the local government, which is probably true, that is not the most important reason we have these laws.
The laws were created to protect people and other animals, as well as the pooch off leash. You may have an extremely well-behaved dog who never leaves your side, however, there are dogs out there that react very aggressively when approached by a dog not on a leash.
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