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Way To Go New Jersey

 Great news!
New Jersey has become the first state to pass a bill banningCat Declawing.They have joined the ranks of most of the First World countries around the globe to ban this cruel and abusive procedure. The bill, designed by Assemblymen Singleton, passed recently calling the act of declawing a cat an act of animal cruelty. As such, the penalties to veterinarians performing this procedure and to pet parents seeking it are fines up to $1000.00 and/or 6 months in jail. Civil penalties can be anywhere from $500 - $2000.

Plan Ahead for Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, I have a bit of downtime to write my blog again.
The first thing that comes to mind to write about is the last minute requests I received for pet sitting over the holidays. I couldn't believe how many pet parents, especially with cats, waited until a few days or a week before Christmas to contact me to care for their pets. Many of these people apparently had lined up a friend or neighbor ahead of time, only to have them cancel at the last minute because they decided to go away themselves.

If you want a donation, leave out the gory graphics

At this time of year, my mailbox is inundated with requests from animal charities for contributions. I am a big animal supporter and try to contribute what I can comfortably manage financially. But if a charity wants a donation from me, they need to leave out the gory graphics on the envelopes and inside. These disgusting pictures inspire me to throw the offending material in the trash regardless of the good work the charity may be doing.
One of my favorite pet charities is Best Friends in Kanab Utah.

Special Report on Dog Car Safety

Dr. Nancy Kay of"Spot Speaks"has written another interesting and informative article that every dog owner should read. It is about the most recent study performed on dog car safety as it relates to crates and carriers for car use. 
I am giving you the link so you can read the full article:

AS more and more dog owners are taking their dogs with them on vacations or daily outings to the dog park etc., their canine kids are spending more time in the car.

The Horrors of Trophy Hunting

Like everyone else  around the country and the world who loves animals I am appalled by the killing of Cecil the Lion. I have never been a proponent of hunting for sport, but the senseless and inhumane killing of Cecil, has left me outraged.

Hunting for food is understandable and justifiable particularly in parts of the world where it is the only way to survive. But hunting for sport and to hang a head in your home is grotesque. How can anyone justify this senseless sport. There is no trophy hear but shame.
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If you want a donation, leave out the gory graphics
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