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Happy Easter

 As Easter weekend is upon us I want to pass on a few safety tips for your furry kids.
Firstly, Lily's are toxic to cats so keep them away from your feline friends.

The Easter Bunny often delivers lots of goodies including chocolate which is very toxic to dogs, especially dark chocolate. Make sure all candy is kept well out of reach of your dogs as well as cats.

With Easter holidays, we often gets lots of visitors dropping by. If you have indoor cats, be sure to keep them safely away from open doors and ask visitors to close doors quickly behind them.


In the April issue of"Your Dog", the newsletter for caring dog owners, I found this great article on a quick way to find a boarding facility for your dog when you need to travel and can't take him along. It is complete with price, reviews etc. It is calledFurlocity.comand is the brainchild of Amber Kirsten-Smit and her husband Andy. It currently covers boarding and day care facilities in 19 states, but they plan  to cover all states before too long. They currently have listings in 49 cities including San Diego.

Watch Out for the Snakes

Rattlesnake season has started early here in San Diego and that means it is time to be extra vigilant when walking your dogs. If you are walking trails with deep grass and lots of rocks where snakes can hide, keep your dog on a leash and make sure you know where he is at all times. Dogs are curious and you don't want him putting his nose or paws in the hiding place of a rattler.
When hiking, be sure to have a first aid kit handy in a backpack and your cell phone with you in case your dog gets bitten.

San Diego Navy Woof Walk

Come one, come all to the San Diego Navy Woof Walk this Saturday, March 22nd at the Admiral Baker Picnic Area in Mission Valley. The address is 2400 Admiral Baker Road, 92124. Registration is from 8-9 am for the one mile walk. The event concludes at 12:00 noon.

Fun for everyone in the family with:
  • a one mile walk with your pooch
  • live music
  • a pet expo
  • doggie obstacle course
  • demonstrations
  • contests
  • food and beverages
  • and more.
Ricochet the "Surfice Dog" is the Grand Marshall. All dogs must be well-socialized and on a regular ( non-extendable) leash.

Scientific Proof of the Emotional Intelligence of Dogs

Dr. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist and professor at Emory University in Atlanta, decided to research the emotional intelligence of dogs. In order to do this, he needed to perform MRI scans on dogs while they were conscious.

 Any of you who have ever had an MRI scan know the equipment is very loud, the space is very confined, and you have to remain completely still during the scan. Prior to Dr. Berns' work with his rescued black terrier Callie, a dog would have to be anesthetized to perform an MRI, but that would not permit the scientist to get the data he wanted.
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