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A Household Danger to be Aware of

This article appeared in Dr. Karen Becker's daily email newsletter, "Healthy Pets".

"Recently, a young Australian Shepherd sampled some AA batteries and wound up in the veterinary hospital. When a dog chews and punctures a battery, the alkaline material can seep out, causing damage to tissues in and around the mouth, the esophagus, and farther down the GI tract. Symptoms of possible alkaline battery toxicosis also include difficulty swallowing, vomiting, abdominal pain, increased body temperature, black tarry feces, and an elevated white blood cell count.

Morris Animal Foundation Annual Canine Cancer Walk

  It's time once again to put one paw forward with hundreds of other San Diego dog lovers in the fight against canine cancer! The San Diego K9 Cancer Walk benefiting Morris Animal Foundation will take place Sunday, March 1, 2015, at Liberty Station.

Registration is now open for the 2015 walk! We hope to make this our best walk yet. We know it won’t be the same without you, so please sign up or start your team today and help Morris Animal Foundation continue to invest in cancer research that will create a brighter future for dogs.

Dog Fest San Diego Walk n Roll

This Saturday, November 22, Canine Companions for Independence is holding its annual Dog Fest at NTC Park at Liberty Station. 

The fun begins at 8:00 a.m. and includes a 1 1/2 mile walk, contests, vendor booths and lots of fun for you and your furry companions.

This is a wonderful way to get some exercise, spend time with your family, and raise some funds for this incredible organization.

Canine Companions for Independence supports people in need of assistance to improve their quality of life by raising and training wonderful puppies and then providing them to those who qualify.

Americans Love Their Pets

I came across an interesting article today written by Motley Fool in the Nasdaq bulletin regarding the growth of pet ownership in America. I thought I would share some of the statistics with you.

In a survey completed by the American Pet Products Association for 2013-2014, they discovered that 68% of Americans  have pets in their home. 56.7 million of us have dogs while 45.3% have cats.
In an online survey where pet owners were asked several questions about life with their pets, 91% said they consider their pet as part of the family.

Halloween Tips to Keep your Pet Safe

Halloween night can be a dangerous and frightening experience for our furry kids. To make sure it is a happy and fun occasion for you all, it is essential to remember the following tips:

1) Although chocolate is a delicious treat for us, it is toxic to our pets. Be sure to keep those chocolate treats away from them. For small dogs and cats, even a small amount can make them very sick.

2) All Halloween candy prepared and packaged for humans is meant ONLY for humans. Keep your treats away form the pets.
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