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San Diego Navy Woof Walk

Come one, come all to the San Diego Navy Woof Walk this Saturday, March 22nd at the Admiral Baker Picnic Area in Mission Valley. The address is 2400 Admiral Baker Road, 92124. Registration is from 8-9 am for the one mile walk. The event concludes at 12:00 noon.

Fun for everyone in the family with:
  • a one mile walk with your pooch
  • live music
  • a pet expo
  • doggie obstacle course
  • demonstrations
  • contests
  • food and beverages
  • and more.
Ricochet the "Surfice Dog" is the Grand Marshall. All dogs must be well-socialized and on a regular ( non-extendable) leash.

Pet Sitter of the Year for 2013

It is with a great deal of excitement and humility that I share with you the news that I have been selected as PSI's 2013 Pet Sitter of the Year. This is a tremendous honor and I am delighted to be chosen as the national representative for our wonderful profession.
I would like to thank the wonderful people who work as part of my team, because I couldn't have done this without them. I also want to thank the other excellent pet sitters that I network with for their friendship and wisdom. 

An Inhumane and Barbaric Procedure

Declawing cats is an inhumane and barbaric procedure that offers absolutely no benefit to cats. The sole purpose of it is to keep our furniture and curtains from being damaged by our kitties natural instinct to scratch. There are humane alternatives such as training, scratching posts, vinyl nails that can be put over cats' claws and covering surfaces with aluminum foil or two sided tape.

Declawing is an amputation of the cat's top toes and is actually comparable to amputating the top knuckle of the human finger.

Happy New Year

  As 2014 looms very close ahead, I want to wish all of my clients past, present and future, all of my readers, and all of the pet parents out there a very healthy and happy new year. I hope your pets, whether 4-legged, 2-legged, feathered, finned, or gilled, stay healthy as well and that you are able to share a wonderful year together creating new memories.
  Be kind to your pets and be forgiving. None of us are perfect. Be sure to give them all the things they need , most importantly, your love and attention.

Top Five Finalist for 2013 PSI Pet Sitter of the Year

   I just found out  the official results are in and I have been selected as a Top Five Finalist for Pet Sitter of the Year for 2013. This prestigious award was created by Pet Sitters International and is sponsored by Business Insurers of the Carolinas. 

I am so honored to be among the top five under consideration to win the title. I want to thank all of my clients, associates, business network and everyone else who submitted me for nomination. I especially want to thank all of the wonderful pets I look after each and every day for making my life so much fun and so gratifying.
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