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On A Personal Note

The Horrors of Trophy Hunting

Like everyone else  around the country and the world who loves animals I am appalled by the killing of Cecil the Lion. I have never been a proponent of hunting for sport, but the senseless and inhumane killing of Cecil, has left me outraged.

Hunting for food is understandable and justifiable particularly in parts of the world where it is the only way to survive. But hunting for sport and to hang a head in your home is grotesque. How can anyone justify this senseless sport. There is no trophy hear but shame.

Proposed New Legislation

Exciting news from New York State. This from The Buffalo News.

John Ceretto, and one other legislator in New York, have proposed new legislation for their state that hopefully will set a precedent for other states to follow. They are proposing an amendment to a current law that would allow a bystander to take necessary steps to save a dog or cat in imminent danger in a hot locked car, without facing criminal charges.

In the past, only a police person or peace officer could break into a car to save an animal.

Great News for Shelter Animals in San Diego

  This announcement was just made by the San Diego Humane Society in their volunteer newsletter.

"Today, the San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition* (SDAWC) is proud to announce, as of July 1, no healthy or treatable animal entering any coalition shelter in San Diego County will be euthanized!

This is the first time in our county's history that no treatable animal will be in danger of being unnecessarily euthanized - making San Diego one of the pet-safest communities in the nation.

Completed Half Marathon

I am happy to announce I completed the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon this am. in record time. My record that is. My goal was 3:21 and I did it in 3:03. yeah!
I want to thank all of my friends and clients who cheered me on and especially those who contributed to Canine Cancer Research on my behalf. I raised about $500.00! Awesome!

Thank you also to my canine pals who helped me to train particularly Rudder and Gomer; both who live on hills and gave me lots of hill training experience over the past few months. It was a great experience and I look forward to perhaps more participation in this over the next year or so.

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

 Did you know that 1 in 4 dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer and that cancer accounts for 50% of all disease-related deaths each year. 1 out of 2 dogs over the age of 10 die from some form of cancer. The prevalence of this illness is horrifying and as pet parents we need to do everything we can to protect our pets by keeping informed. Find out what the causes and signs of feline and canine cancer are and examine your pet regularly. If you see any of the symptoms, get your cat or dog to the vet and have them checked.
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