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March 2011

Solving Behavior Issues

Many of the dog owners that I meet in my work ask me questions about their dog's behavior issues. Although I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter, I am not a certified trainer nor am I a dog behaviorist. For various reasons, dogs may develop behaviors that their owners find annoying, upsetting, or downright dangerous. Although there is a lot of information available in dog behavior books, and online forums, I strongly recommend contacting a certified dog trainer or behaviorist for a consultation.

Paws In The Park - Solana Beach

The weather cooperated yesterday and we did not get rained out at the Colonia Park in Solana Beach for the Third Annual Paws in the Park. The wind was pretty gusty at times but the event was able to continue without a hitch. There were several vendors, lots of activities, contests and participants. What always impresses me at these events is how well behaved the dogs are. They have obviously been well socialized by their pet parents and they all seem to get along quite well. Very little barking and no altercations at all. Another good thing was no loose dogs this year which is always a blessing. I was glad that MVPSS participated and  look forward to doing the same next year.

Off Leash Dogs - Yet Again

Does your dog behave differently when it is off leash then when it is on? Many dogs do. A lot of my clients have told me that their dogs are very playful and happy when they are off-leash but when they are leashed and other dogs are not, they get aggressive, defensive, and act differently.
That is why I get very concerned when I am walking a dog on a leash, ( which is the law), and a loose dog comes running out into our path. I can manage a dog on leash but I have no control over a loose dog that may intend to be playful when my dog is reacting like he/she wants blood. Off-leash parks and doggie beaches are wonderful for dogs to run loose. Enclosed back yards and fenced yards that are secure are wonderful for loose leash dogs. The city streets and apartment complexes open to other tenants, etc. are NOT the place for dogs to be loose. PLEASE, keep you dog on a leash. I don't care how well behaved and well-trained it is. It is a danger to other dogs and could possibly get bitten or worse.


Over the past couple of weeks during my regular dog walks at the pet-friendly apartment complexes where I work, I couldn't help but notice the number of puppies that people were walking. Big puppies like German Shepherd Dogs and Labs and little puppies like Yorkies and Malteses. There were Jack Russell puppies and Westie puppies and even a couple of Pug puppies.

Don't get me wrong. I love puppies. They are cute and adorable and funny and very very loveable.What got me thinking however, was that for every new puppy that someone took into their home, a potential forever home was lost to a shelter or rescue dog who was past his puppy years.

It's Hard To Say Good-Bye

Being a dog walker is one of the greatest careers in the world. What could be better than walking around in the beautiful San Diego weather day after day with the greatest animals on the planet. In fact, I love my job so much I can hardly believe I get paid to do it. Doggy kisses, wagging tails, and plenty of exercise. What could be better?
There really is only one downside to my job. That is when one of my regular dog walking clients moves away and I have to say good-bye. I get very attached to my four-legged friends when I see them day after day.
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