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May 2011

Summer Safety Tips from the ASPCA

The last days of May signal the unofficial start of summer for folks, young and old, across the country. But with these carefree months of no homework and summer Fridays comes an increased risk for illness or injury for our furry pals.

From unpredictable weather to unusual routines, our animals are exposed to all sorts of hazards during June, July and August, and your pet is counting on you to keep him safe. Check out our top six tips for keeping your animal secure all summer long.

Give your pet access to plenty of fresh water at all times.

Flea and Tick Season is Here

Did you know that in one day a single flea can bite your dog or cat up to 400 times? Did you know that in two months you could have over 3 million fleas living in your home? Did you know that ticks carry numerous diseases including Lyme disease, anemia, Rocky Mountain fever, encephalitis and in the southwestern states even the plague?
Well you do now, so if you have not already treated your companion animal with a preventative, do it! There are numerous products on the market including natural remedies.

Pride in Adoption

On consultation appointments I  always ask my potential clients how long they have had their dog or cat. Many of them tell me it was x number of years ago that they adopted their pet from a rescue group, shelter, or Petfinder.com. It does my heart good to see  people  taking pride in the fact that their companion animals have been adopted  or rescued. They have done a good thing and I always congratulate them for doing it.With so many wonderful animals waiting for their forever home in shelters and foster homes, it's great that people  are realizing that these animals make fantastic companions. Not only have they added a  new family member to their clan but in many cases ,they have saved a life. KUDOS to all of you who adopt instead of buy your"furry kids".

There is Something Very Special About A Senior Dog

When I attended the Best Friends " No More Homeless Pets"  Annual Conference in Las Vegas last year I had the good fortune to meet a remarkable lady.. Her name is Sherri Franklin and she is the Founder and Director of Muttville, a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs. I have always had a special place in my heart for those graying muzzles and big soulful eyes, so Sherri instantly became my hero. Muttville has recently rescued their 1000th senior dog and are gearing up to rescue their next 1000.

Hot Time - Summer in the City

The temperature in San Diego yesterday was about 91 degrees. That's HOT!!! While walking my client's dogs for their mid-day potty breaks and exercise I made some concessions due to the heat. Their walks were kept in the shade as much as possible. They were also shortened a bit and they got fresh cool water to drink before and after their walks. At this time of year when the temperatures can soar, it is extremely important to remember that dogs can suffer from heatstroke. NEVER EVER EVER leave a dog in a parked car, even with the windows cracked open, or the sun roof open, or anything similar to that.
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