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November 2012

Pills and Pets

Of all the dangerous and potentially deadly things a companion animal can ingest, one of the worst, and unfortunately most common, is human medication. I bring this up now because many of you will have guests staying with you for the holidays.
Most of us pet parents are aware of the dangers of leaving any of our medications where our pets can get at them, but if Aunt Mary comes to visit and is unaware, she may inadvertently leave her pills on the night stand in the guest room or on the bathroom counter where Fluffy or Fido may try to help himself to a "treat".

Salmonella Poisoning from Pet Food

Did you know you could be infected with Salmonella poisoning from handling your pets contaminated food? Neither did I until I read the latest update in"Pet Sitters World" magazine.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Salmonella that exists in dry pet food and treats can make both dogs and people sick. To prevent this from happening it is important for you to be careful in selecting, handling and storing your dog and cat's food and treats.
Start by following these simple rules:

Amazing New Technology to Help Paralyzed Dogs

One of the sites I subscribe to and receive daily is Freekibble.com. I like it because it allows me to contribute food to dogs and cats in shelters AND because I always learn new things about our animal companions from the questions they ask.
Today blew me away when I learned about some new technological research being done. Here is the basic information provided by the article.
"Jasper, a ten-year-old dachshund , was paralyzed after he was hit by a car.  The spinal injury caused his hind legs to stop working, and he needed help getting around.

Happy Thanksgiving

  Many folks have asked me what I am going to be doing this Thanksgiving Day and I have replied,"spending it with my best friends". From early dawn until way past dusk,  I will be caring for kitties and  and dogs who look forward to my visits eagerly. They greet me with purrs, wagging tails and lots and lots of doggie kisses. It is a great way to spend the day and I want to thank all of the wonderful pet parents who have entrusted me and my staff to care for their furry kids while they are away.

Travels with Kitty

With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays just around the corner many people will be traveling by car to visit family and friends.If however, those plans include taking your kitty with you, you may want to think again. Kitties do not like car travel. Now there are exceptions to the rule of course, but most felines do not like to go for car rides. Your better bet would be to hire a professional pet sitter to come in and care for the kitty at your home or perhaps get a responsible friend or neighbor to take on the task.
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