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May 2013

Dogs, Teeth and Tennis Balls

Does your dog love to play fetch with tennis balls? Maybe he likes to just chew on them. Many dogs do, however, I have some important information for you.
Last Tuesday I took a Golden Retriever I look after, who loves to play fetch with tennis balls, to the veterinarian to have his teeth cleaned. All went very well . When I went to pick him up, I got instructions from the Vet Tech regarding his post-op care. She also told me that his teeth were quite worn down. He is almost 8 years old so that was not terribly surprising, but she said the biggest culprit in wearing his teeth was tennis balls.

Important Information for Dog Owners Near Water

This article appeared on Mercola.com Healthy Pets website written by Dr. Karen Becker. Because San Diegans live near water and we love to take our dogs to the beach, I think it is essential to be aware of this potential danger.

  • Blastomycosisis a systemic fungal infection caused by an organism that thrives in rotting wood and wet soil. Infections are prevalent in areas located near water, and in dogs that spend a lot of time in environments where the Blastomyces organism exists. Large breed male dogs, especially hunting and sporting breeds, are most commonly affected.

Where's the Kitty?

An interesting thing happened today when I was doing a dog walk that has an excellent message in it for all of us who live with cats.

One of my clients went out of town for several days and asked me to walk her dog while she is away. Her husband is still in town but works during the day so she only needed midday walks for her pooch. Besides their little terrier, they also have a very sweet friendly cat who always greets me when I arrive. I usually talk to the kitty and  give him some cuddles before I  leash the dog and go for our walk.
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