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January 2014

An Inhumane and Barbaric Procedure

Declawing cats is an inhumane and barbaric procedure that offers absolutely no benefit to cats. The sole purpose of it is to keep our furniture and curtains from being damaged by our kitties natural instinct to scratch. There are humane alternatives such as training, scratching posts, vinyl nails that can be put over cats' claws and covering surfaces with aluminum foil or two sided tape.

Declawing is an amputation of the cat's top toes and is actually comparable to amputating the top knuckle of the human finger.

National Dog Training Month

The month of January has been designated  National Dog Training Month by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. They recognize how important it is to train your dog in the basic behaviors.  Not only will training make him more polite around people and other dogs, but it will  keep him safe.
There are several places you can get good training. Most shelters offer programs or can recommend them. Petco and PetSmart offer dog training and there are several professional dog trainers around that offer group training classes or one on one sessions.
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