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Animal Reiki

Reiki, means spiritual or universal life energy. It is a Japanese holistic healing method with no religious affiliations and is completely safe and natural. The primary idea behind Reiki is to help the body stay or return to balance and a state of homeostasis. Animals are particularly sensitive and responsive to this method of energy healing. You may be familiar with Reiki done on humans, which is much more common. It is done with either the practitioner’s hands directly on the client’s body or slightly away from it. Human Reiki is so successful in helping people to heal that hundreds of hospitals and nursing homes have a Reiki practitioner on staff to treat their patients.

Animal Reiki is a more recent form of this healing modality and, based on the training that I received, is delivered quite differently. My instructor, Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source, created the “Let Animals Lead” © method of Animal Reiki. In this method, the animals do not receive hands on healing unless they initiate it. The energy connection with them occurs through meditation and intention. The animals are respectfully invited to participate and are always in control. Animals love Reiki. It is gentle, and non-invasive. Reiki does NO HARM.

Some of the benefits of Reiki for your pet are:

-can help reduce stress and anxiety

-can help promote self-healing following surgery, sickness or injury

-can help reduce pain and discomfort

-can help diminish side effects from medication

-can work in conjunction with other medical, veterinary, and therapeutic treatments

-can increase energy

-can assist animals in transitioning into the next world.

Reiki assists animals by creating and holding an energetic space for them. This space is filled with respect, compassion, and loving kindness. It helps to promote relaxation and self-healing.

Please be advised that Reiki is just as effective from a distance as it is in person. 

I am pleased to announce we are launching our new Animal Reiki website, on October 4th. We hope you can come to check it out .

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